Bar Council asked to upload inspection reports of law colleges on website

The Central Information Commission has directed the Bar Council of India to publish the inspection reports of law colleges on its website.

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CIC directs Bar Council of India to furnish inspection reports of law Colleges (Representative image)

The Bar Council of India has been directed to publish the inspection reports of colleges teaching law on its website. The order of the Central Information Commission (CIC), a statutory body set up under the Right to Information Act, is aimed at helping aspirants who wish to pursue a degree in law but are unsure about the colleges.

Prasoon Shekhar had challenged the refusal of the Public Information Officer (PIO) of the BCI to provide a list of law colleges which were found unfit after BCI inspection.

“The disclosure of the inspection reports of the law colleges in the public domain will benefit the student community at large and will significantly reduce the burden of RTI applications filed in this regard. For this, the Commission directs the First Appellate Authority to place this order before their competent authority to ensure that action is expedited with respect to the upgradation of the BCI website while also incorporating the stipulations of the Commission in the HN Pathak case," the CIC said.

The BCI's PIO said that the information related to the colleges is in the format of agenda and minutes. It is voluminous and an appellant can physically see all the documents at the office.

The BCI had stated before the first appellate authority that it does not upload or place the inspection report of colleges in the public domain because it might create unnecessary confusion and speculation amongst the stakeholders as the fact-finding committee only renders its opinion on the question of approval, among other things. But the final decision is based on the findings of the Legal Education Committee, and it is this final approval that is placed in the public domain, indicating the status of the colleges.