Murder over PUBG: Woman was alive for a night in locked room while son chilled with friends

A 16-year-old boy in Lucknow allegedly killed his mother after she refused him to play PUBG. His mother was alive till the morning after being shot by him.

As per police report, he hid her body inside their house in Lucknow for three days using room freshener. (Representational Image)

A teenage boy allegedly shot his mother after she stopped him from playing PUBG. After shooting his mother with his father's licensed pistol, he locked her in a room and constantly kept checking whether she was alive or dead.

As per the police report, he hid her body inside their house in Lucknow for three days. When he checked the room the next morning, his mother was still breathing, police revealed. He revealed that he was opening the door, again and again, to check on her.


If he had informed someone in the morning, his mother's life could have been saved, said the police.

The boy killed his mother in Lucknow, shoved the dead body into a room and locked his younger sister in another room. During interrogation, he confessed his crime and said that he got angry with his mother for not letting him play PUBG and shot her dead with his father’s licensed gun on Sunday at midnight.

He had also called his friend and threatened him at gunpoint to help him with disposing of the body. The teenage boy offered him Rs 5000 and asked him not to tell anyone about the incident.