Chhatarpur: With no ambulance, Madhya Pradesh man carries 4-year-old niece's body on shoulder

Due to the unavailability of an ambulance, a man from MP's Chhatarpur carried his 4-year-old niece's body on his shoulder from the hospital.

The incident occurred in Buxwaha in the district of Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh. (Representational Image)


  • A man carried his dead niece on his shoulder from hospital in Madhya Pradesh's Chhatarpur
  • Due to unavailability of the ambulance, he was compelled to carry his niece's body
  • After getting media's attention, a hearse van was sent for the family

In a heart-wrenching incident, a man from Madhya Pradesh's Chhatarpur carried his dead niece on the shoulder from the hospital due to the unavailability of an ambulance.

However, after the issue got to light because of the media, the concerned department sent a hearse van to carry the corpse.

The deceased named Radha was admitted to a community health care centre in Bakswaha as she was suffering from a high fever. When her condition deteriorated, she was referred to the district hospital.

While the girl was taken to the district hospital, she died during the course of treatment. Since there was no ambulance available, the family somehow managed to get the body to Bakswaha, but from there, no vehicle was available to take the dead body to their village, which was 4 km away from Bakswaha.

The family appealed to the city council but no one paid any heed. Unfortunately, the uncle of the deceased carried his niece on his shoulder and started the journey to their village. Later, the city council provided a hearse van.

Talking about the matter, Dr Vijay Pathoria, Chief Medical Officer, Chhatarpur said, "I will talk to the concerned CMO and officials in this regard."

(With inputs from Lokesh Chaurasia)