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As Rahul plans to walk, not lead, who would head Cong's ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra' | VIEWS

Rahul Gandhi has reportedly said that he would ‘walk’ but not ‘lead’ the Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress which is set to begin on October 2.

Repo rate riddle: How RBI's monetary policy impacts your lives

Repo rate, inflation & growth projections: Here’s how RBI's monetary policy impacts your lives in more ways than you quite notice.

Rajya Sabha polls: Indirect process, direct implication and ‘last resort’ politics

Rajya Sabha polls are indirect, but their political implications are pretty direct. No wonder, parties have again turned to ‘resort’ politics.

Many nations vie for a piece of Sri Lanka's Trincomalee port project. Here's why

Trincomalee’s strategic importance has a lot of history as well. The seas close to the port have seen a lot of historic wars, owing to their importance and geographic location.

Nupur Sharma’s suspension: What next for India-West Asia relations?

BJP has suspended Nupur Sharma for her remarks that have triggered a diplomatic offensive from the Muslim world. Here's a look at what lies ahead for India-West Asia relations.

100 days of Russia-Ukraine conflict: Redefining the nature of limited wars 

After World War II, ‘limited war’ was seen as an alternate to global war. Such conflicts were characterised by precise politico-military objectives and confined in terms of time and space.

The steady march of Sikh political right in Punjab

With the Badals at their lowest point in their political career, their party reduced to a single digit in the Punjab assembly, the Sikh political right seems to be advancing slowly but steadily in the Sikh-majority state.

PhD, research and its upshot: How much quality do we produce?

The PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), or the doctoral degree, is considered the highest educational degree in the world. India is ranked fourth globally, producing slightly over 24,000 doctoral graduates each year. But it still lacks quality research.

Congress list of Rajya Sabha nominees- a manifestation of 'palace intrigue'?

While finalising the list of Rajya Sabha berths, Sonia Gandhi did weigh in things that are going on in the Congress. In this sense, the party’s Rajya Sabha nominations reflected what Sonia Gandhi felt about some of the key dissenters.

Why India's food value-chain needs better risk management instruments amid Ukraine war

The Russian attack on Ukraine’s agricultural industry has largely destroyed the agricultural supply chain. The impact has been felt on the Indian economy as well.

Dravidian Development Model: Myth or Reality?

The Dravidian socio-economic development model is elusive and non-existent. DMK has to mend its ways and be part of the national mainstream.

What does Sonia Gandhi’s new political panel, 2024 task force mean for Congress leadership?

Congress president Sonia Gandhi announced the formation of a new political panel and task force for 2024 polls on Tuesday. Here's what the new committees and their composition suggest about the party's leadership.