Putin Announced Successful Test-firing of Zircon missile | Features Explained

Putin announced the successful test-firing of Zircon missile. The Russian navy tested the missile and fired it across the white sea. To know more about the missile and its features watch this video.

Top News | 31st May 22

UPSC 2021 Results: Meet The Topper Shruti Sharma

UPSC topper Shruti Sharma, who scored 340 out of 400 points, shares how it feels like to be a topper and what education she acquired to claim the position of the topper.

Top News | 31st May 22

UP Govt: Women Not Bound To Do Night Shifts In Factories

No woman can be forced to work beyond 7 pm. This is the new rule in Uttar Pradesh for women working in factories. Watch this report to know what female workers in UP feel about this move.

Top News | 31st May 22

Fans Find Coincidences in Sidhu Moose Wala’s Murder and His Final Song The Last Ride

After Sidhu Moose Wala was shot dead, his fans have pointed out the uncanny coincidences in the manner of his death and the last song he released. Watch here.

Top News | 30th May 22

India Stands Out As Poor Unequal Country: World Inequality Index

The World Inequality Index reported that 15% of Indians earn less than Rs 5,000 every month while 22% of the national income goes to the 1% rich community. To know more about these reports, watch more.

Top News | 30th May 22

Nepal plane crash: In 13 years 3 fatal crashes for Nepals Tara Air

At least 22 people are feared dead as a small passenger plane went missing in Nepal. For a plane that’s only 13 years old, it has experienced 3 fatal crashes. Watch to know more

Top News | 30th May 22

Sidhu Moosewala | Who was he? Why was he so controversial?

Often seen with guns and weapons, Moosewala always portrayed himself as a fearless man. But, if there was one person that he was scared of, it was his mother. Get to know the talented singer who hailed from village Moosa in Punjab.  

Top News | 30th May 22

Delhi Boy Walks Ramp For DG, Giorgio Armani at Milan Fashion Week, Reveals How he Landed the Dream Job

A 24-year-old Delhi boy Saurabh Chaudhary wowed Milan Fashion Week as he walked the international ramp for Dolce & Gabbana and Giorgio Armani. In an exclusive interview with India Today, Saurabh opened up about his journey and experience so far.

Top News | 30th May 22