India’s tango with crypto

Cryptos are beginning to play a critical role in Web 3.0. Given the potential negative impact of crypto, it would perhaps be judicious to create a crypto SEZ in India to enable the development of talent and tapping of the Web 3.0 global market.

Also condemn calls for violence spiralling after Nupur Sharma's remarks | OPINION

For any offence, only the rule of law should matter. And electoral and religious considerations must not colour and determine our public stands.

Think beyond community, think nation

On contentious issues like the Gyanvapi mosque, there must be some give and take, says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. That will be a way forward for both the communities, and above all, for the nation.

Kashi temple was first on RSS agenda, now it awaits completion of Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir

It appears that for many years Kashi and Mathura have been pushed to the back burner while the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya has reigned supreme on the RSS' priority list.

Listen to Mohan Bhagwat – he means well | OPINION

Amid the Gyanvapi mosque row, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said earlier this week that there was "no need to look for a Shivling at every mosque".

4 states, 4 seats, 4 contests: Why the Rajya Sabha polls will be a potboiler

A scramble for MLAs is on in Haryana, Rajasthan, Karnataka and Maharashtra ahead of the crucial Rajya Sabha elections for 57 seats. From horse trading to resort politics, here's why the polls are set to be a potboiler.

100 days of war: Ukraine loses 20% of territory. Long battle ahead

A hundred days into the war, Ukraine has not only lost 20 per cent of its territory but its economy is in shambles, writes Gaurav C Sawant.

Clash of two ideologies: 'Nationalism' vs 'Pseudo-nationalism'

The nationalism of AAP lacks any ideology or principles either for the vision of what our nation is or what our nation should be, writes Rajiv Tuli.

China and India depict picture in contrast | OPINION

The economic curves of India and China depict a picture in contrast as India emerges as the fastest-growing economy globally while China struggles to stay afloat with positive growth.

Hardik Patel to turn right: BJP hopes to right the wrongs that drove away Patidar votes | OPINION

With Hardik Patel joining the BJP ranks, the saffron party hopes to win back the Patidar votes ahead of the Gujarat state assembly polls.

What IPL 2022 taught us: Don't believe what you see | OPINION

Two months back, who would have believed that Gujarat Titans would lift the IPL trophy in their debut season and Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings would finish at the bottom of the points table? As the thrillingly unexpected season concludes, here's a look at the lessons we learned.

Russia-Ukraine war: New face of 21st century conflict - no victors and no vanquished | OPINION

Russia's ‘special military operation’ turned into a full-blown war as Ukrainians put up a stiffer-than-expected resistance. While many expected the so-called operation to conclude within a week, the war has been raging on for 100 days now. Is this the new face of conflict in the 21st Century? No victor and no vanquished?