Ready to watch Jurassic World Dominion? Here's what science knows about dinosaurs

As Owen Grady tries to create a balance between humans and dinosaurs, a science refresher on the massive species that once dominated and roamed across the length and breadth of Earth.

For the first time in years, Gaza enjoys clean seawater

Untreated sewage has flowed directly into the waters off Gaza for years, causing an environmental disaster.

Lucy's solar panel remains stuck as probe sets course toward eight ancient asteroids

Lucy, the spacecraft headed to study 8 ancient asteroids, is still making attempts to get its stuck solar panel out as it begins its journey deep into the solar system.

Almost all of Portugal in severe drought after hot, dry May

Climate scientists say Portugal can expect higher temperatures and lower rainfall as a consequence of global warming.

Do aliens exist? Nasa set to study mysterious UFO sightings in skies

Nasa is set to venture into one of the most controversial subjects — UFOs. The space agency is forming a science team to study the mysterious sightings.

Six-satellite constellation to track cyclones every hour, advance climate change study

The first two of the six satellites will be launched on June 12 to low Earth orbit. The satellites will be capable of tracking tropical cyclones almost every hour.

Drinking beetroot juice daily could help people with heart condition: Report

According to a new study, drinking beetroot juice daily could help people with heart condition.

Dept of Space gets control of 10 in-orbit satellites, purse increased from Rs 1000 cr to Rs 7500 cr

The Centre said that this approval is expected to trigger domestic economic activity in the space sector and increase India's share in the global space market.

This spacecraft will study a comet that is starting its journey in inner Solar System

The European Space Agency has approved the Comet Interceptor mission, which will use two probes to study an object just beginning its journey in the inner Solar System.

Mars helicopter's key sensor dead, Ingenuity shivers at -80 degrees Celsius

With a part of Mars experiencing winter, the Ingenuity helicopter built for a few flights in the spring season is under extreme stress.

Russia could restart German telescope that detects black holes without Berlin's approval

The Russian space agency chief has said that he has given instructions to start work on restoring the operation of the German telescope.

Climate-driven flooding poses well water contamination risks

Risks are elevated after flooding or heavy rainfall, when animal and human feces, dirt, nutrients such as nitrogen and other contaminants can seep into wells.