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On contentious issues like the Gyanvapi mosque, there must be some give and take, says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. That will be a way forward for both the communities, and above all, for the nation.

Fighting for everything will not benefit the nation, says Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Question: Sadhguru, how do you think the very contentious issue of Gyanvapi mosque should be addressed?

Sadhguru: The nature of India was such that there were temples in every street, in every place. Historically, that has been changed in many ways. Thousands of temples were razed to the ground during invasions. We could not protect them then, and talking about all those thousands of temples now does not make sense because you cannot rewrite history.

At the same time, there is pain and bitterness in people's hearts. For whatever historical blunders or cruelties that have happened, there must be some kind of reconciliation. I'm not asking for apologies because there are no Mughals here to apologise to people. The Muslims of the country are Indian citizens, so there is no one here to apologise. But this approach should come that, "Yes, something has been taken away from you. Let's settle this."

As a civilized society, we should sit down together and settle it. Instead of going one temple at a time, keeping the controversy on and creating unnecessary enmity, the communities should work this out together. Fighting for everything will not benefit the nation. Whatever you say, I will oppose; whatever I say, you will oppose this is not the way forward. There must be some give and take in this. Choose a few iconic places and say, “You settle these few things.” After that, it should never be raised again. That will be a way forward for both the communities, and above all, for the nation.

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We should stop thinking in terms of Hindu community and Muslim community. The conversation in the country should move beyond communities and come to the nation. In this, media houses have a significant role. If they call for a debate with sensible people from both communities, and that narrative begins to build, it is definitely possible to settle the issue. There is no dispute that cannot be settled. I beseech the news agencies and media houses not to make this controversial. Also, those who are in active politics locally should be kept out of these issues because they would try to play it up for their advantage. This should not be used for political mileage by anyone.

Right now, India is at a juncture where if we do the right things, we could become a very significant force in the world in terms of economy, political power, and in every other way. We should not squander this by going on making everything into a big dispute. We must settle these things quickly if we want the nation to move ahead.

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